What are the Store Hours for Domino’s Pizza?

6 minute read | Published: May 11, 2024 | Updated: Jul 02, 2024

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Store Hours for Domino’s Pizza?

Ever had a pizza craving at midnight but none of your favorite pizza shops are open? Or perhaps you woke up one morning and for some reason, all you want is pizza for breakfast?

Most Domino’s restaurants near me are open from 10AM until midnight from Sunday through Thursday. But on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays), they have longer hours usually starting at 10AM until about 1AM. To find the store hours for Domino’s Pizza near you, the best way to find the answer is by searching this particular location’s hours on their official website.

Domino’s Pizza Operating Hours

Here are some of the store hours shared by Domino’s employees in various cities:

Scott Banks (Quora)

This depends entirely on your local market. In mine (Phoenix) most stores close at 10PM for carryout due to security reasons, and are open until either midnight, 1AM or 2AM depending on the day for delivery. Some outlying stores are only open til 11PM.

Public_Basil_4416 (Reddit)

My store closes at midnight during the week and 1AM on Friday and Saturday

WateryCoconut (Reddit)

Standard minimum is 10:30am-12am during week, then 1pm Friday and Saturday. The college store on the other side of town from me used to be open till 3am, but now is 2am on weekends.

My dominos is right around the corner from a bunch of college bars so our hours are 10am-2am(3am on fri and sat), just wondering how common that is. The other one in town closes at midnight, along with the other 2 nearish to us I know about.

_McJuicy (Reddit)

It varies by week and by time of year. During times when school is out of session (ie winter break, spring break, summer) it can get pretty low, I think around maybe 20k or less sometimes, usually we do around 40-50 while school is in session (idk the exact numbers bc I’m still a bit new)

ChanceCauliflower0 (Reddit)

Sun-Thursday 10 am- Midnight

Friday-Saturday 10am-1:00am

Is Domino's open 24 hours

Is 24 Hour Domino’s Back?

Here in Indianapolis where I live, I’ve not seen any Domino’s Pizza location that is open 24 hours. But there are apparently some that do. Here’s what one Redditor shared:

One store in my region was a 24 hour store before that thing in 2020 happened. They had a lineup of breakfast pizzas available from like 4am-10am.

They’ve been operating 11am to 4am since then, and now they have a sign on the door saying they’re going back to 24 Hours in May. Now, you can also track your pizza delivery.

I always do carry out from this store. I won $500 on Keno tonight, so the inside workers got a $50 tip to split tonight.

All hail the return of breakfast pizzas in my little part of the world.

What is Domino’s delivery time rule?

Domino’s has long been synonymous with speedy pizza delivery service. They once had the 30-minute delivery guarantee where they’d deliver your order in 30 minutes or less, otherwise you get your pizza for free (or at a discounted price). They have since stopped offering this guarantee but in the 1990s, the company introduced a satisfaction guarantee – which basically promises to make things right or issue a refund if customers were not completely satisfied with their delivery. Domino’s Pizza originated in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Domino's delivery hours

Does Domino’s have 24-hour delivery?

While Domino’s does not provide 24-hour food delivery, it does have extended hours for both delivery and carryout.

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