Domino’s Pizza Menu with Prices

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Top Menu Items

Stuffed Cheesy Bread$7.74
Small 10″ Cheese Pizza$9.99
12″ Medium Cheese Pizza$12.49
14″ Large Cheese Pizza$14.62
Boneless Chicken$8.35


2-Liter Soda$3.49
20 oz. Soda$2.49
Dasani Bottled Water$2.33


Garden Salad$7.24
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.24
Chicken Apple Pecan Salad$7.16

Oven-Baked Sandwiches

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich$7.87
Chicken Parm Sandwich$7.79
Italian Sandwich$7.99
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Habanero Sandwich$7.87
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich$7.87
Italian Sausage & Peppers Sandwich$7.99
Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Sandwich$7.85
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$7.53
Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich$7.87


Italian Sausage Marinara$8.37
Chicken Alfredo$8.37
Chicken Carbonara$8.37
Pasta Primavera$8.37
Build Your Own Pasta$8.49

Specialty Pizzas

Extravaganzza Pizza$15.24
Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza$14.74
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza$14.32
Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$14.92
Pacific Veggie Pizza$14.74
Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza$14.74
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$14.74
Deluxe Pizza$15.06
Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza$14.74
Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza$15.06
MeatZZa Pizza$14.57
Spinach and Feta Pizza$15.06


Parmesan Bread Bites$5.24
Garlic Bread Twists$7.49
Crispy Bacon and Tomato Specialty Chicken$7.78
Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple Specialty Chicken$7.92
Classic Hot Buffalo Specialty Chicken$7.78
Sweet BBQ Bacon Specialty Chicken$7.92
Parmesan Bread Twist$7.16
Garlic Bread Twist$7.16


Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes$5.62
Marbled Cookie Brownie$7.39
Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake$5.66
Cinnamon Bread Twist$7.49

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