How Can I Order Pizza from Domino’s?

5 minute read | Published: May 11, 2024 | Updated: July 03, 2024

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How to order Domino's Pizza

There’s more than one way to order pizza from Domino’s. You can order from the app, from their website, directly from the store (counter, drive-thru or via phone) as well as through UberEats. I’ll explain each option in this post.

How to Order Pizza from Domino’s for the First Time

Alright, if this is your first time to order from Domino’s and you want some guidance on how to go about it, it’s actually quite simple. Step 1 would be to look at the Domino’s menu and browse through the options. Obviously you’re ordering different types of pizza so you might want to focus on their pizza selections first.

Not sure which pizza to get? Check my post on the Domino’s bestselling pizzas so you can round up your options and decide.

Step 2 would be to order the pizza you want. That’s it. Of course the exact way to order the pizza depends on which platform or format you’re going with. More on that in a few.

How to Order from Domino’s Pizza on the App

Just download the Domino’s app, create your Pizza Profile, choose between delivery or carry out, and start ordering.

Domino's pizza app

If you’re using an Apple device, you can order using CarPlay. Open the Domino’s app on Apple CarPlay and choose Tap to Order for your Easy Order / recent orders. Alternatively, you can Tap to Call to talk to Domino’s and place your order.

How to Order from Domino’s Pizza Online

You don’t need to create an account with Domino’s to order pizza from them. Just visit their website,, enter your city/location and start your order.

How to Order from Domino’s Pizza from UberEats

Domino’s Pizza has recently partnered with UberEats to make online ordering so much easier for everyone. You can track your order via the Domino’s tracker and your order will be delivered by a Domino’s driver.

Plus, you may be able to get a free medium sized pizza if you meet the minimum order requirement. You can avail of this promo maximum once per week. It’ll end on August 11th.

Store Hours for Domino’s Pizza?

How to Order from Domino’s Pizza at the Store

Looking at the store’s menu board may get overwhelming for a first-timer so hopefully the tips I’ll share here will help you.

Basically, Domino’s has 2 pizza groups – Build Your Own and Specialty Pizzas. You can choose from Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large pizza sizes. For crust, there’s Hand-Tossed, Handmade Pan, Thin Crust, New York Style and Gluten-Free.

Domino’s has other menu items like sides, desserts and drinks. I recommend you get the stuffed cheesy bread and the Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes – they’re a keeper.

Oh, and be sure to tell the person at the counter if you’re ordering for dine in or carry out!

Customer Reviews for Domino’s Pizza

Tommy P.

Greatest doms I’ve ever had. Order it 7 times a week, can’t get enough. Anything with buffalo chicken puts me to sleep almost every night. Their new pizza recipe is delicious, the crust dusted with garlic and butter. They also have a great $5.99 deal that keeps things cheap!

James G.

I’ve ordered many pizzas from them and stuff everything gets to your house hot fast for fast food Dominos pizza it’s really good

Donna D.

Surprisingly good pizza at reasonable prices. I even like this better than the “gourmet” pizzas in town. There are lots of different crust types and sauces. You can build whatever pizza suits your tastes. I have tried several different varieties and they have all been tasty. Give it a try!

Alvin A.

I have been craving pizza for a while. After a couple of days, my husband finally was craving it too! I quickly went on Yelp and read off the first couple names that popped up. His first words were Domino’s Pizza!

So I went online and checked out all the web specials and ordered a Large Ultimate Pepperoni and another Large Extravaganza. YUMMM!!! You guys rock!! Both pizza was absolutely packed to the max. They probably don’t feel the hit of the economy at all.

We threw in the towel at 4 slices, and I was stuffed! So the rest of it made it in the fridge for the next day. The only negative was when I went down to pick up our order, I parked in the wrong parking stall by accident. Once I parked, one of the delivery guys honked his horn at me as he was swinging by between deliveries. I then noticed the sign on the front door not to park right in front of the store entrance, opps! LOL

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