Can I order Domino’s Pizza for a large event or party?

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Domino's Catering

Domino’s Pizza is a great catering option for any event, big or small. They have a wide selection of pizzas, including gluten-free and vegetarian options, along with sides, pasta, desserts, and drinks. A great thing about Domino’s is that you can also customize your order to fit your guests’ preferences and dietary needs. Plus their app has an advance ordering feature which helps make the whole thing easy and hassle-free.

How to Order Pizza for a Large Event

Before you get started with ordering Domino’s Pizza for your party or event, here are a few things to consider.

Estimate the Amount of Pizza You’ll Need

Start by estimating how many people will attend. Use RSVPs or attendance from past events if you have them. Once you have an estimate, multiply the number of attendees by 3/8 to determine the number of pizzas to order. For example, for 100 guests, you would need 38 boxes of pizza (100 x 3/8 = 37.5).

This math assumes the average person eats three slices, with each pizza usually cut into eight slices. Some might eat more, some might eat less, but three slices per person is a good average. If you’re unsure, you can ask Domino’s for advice on their portion sizes and slicing.

Can I order Domino's Pizza for a Party

Be Sure to Vary the Toppings

When choosing your pizzas, don’t stick to the basics. While cheese, pepperoni, and veggie are popular choices, you may want to consider adding some variety to please different tastes. There are options like:

  • Hawaiian (pineapple and ham)
  • Greek white (olive oil, herbs, feta cheese, and tomatoes)
  • Pepperoni and banana pepper
  • Buffalo chicken (Buffalo sauce and chicken)

Not everyone will love every topping, but in a large group, there will be someone who enjoys the variety.

Consider Your Guests’ Dietary Restrictions

When selecting your pizzas, make sure to include options for those with dietary restrictions. Consider adding:

  • Cheese-free pizza for those who are lactose intolerant
  • Gluten-free pizza for those who can’t eat gluten
  • Meat-free pizza for vegetarians

Make sure these pizzas are clearly labeled, and let your guests know these options are available.

Order Ahead of Time

Ordering 38 boxes of pizza can be a major headache especially if you’re ordering during peak hours. In fact, you might get refused for such a huge order without giving advance notice. As mentioned earlier, the Domino’s App has an advance order feature. Use it and once you’ve placed your order, phone the store to confirm all the details.

Here are some feedback shared by Domino’s employees you can take into consideration if you’re planning to place a big order of pizza for your event or party:


Schedule it in advance, we will see it in the timed orders and be ready for it. Slapping out 20 pies with a heads up is no big deal.


Also remember to tip generously. 👍

It’s a good idea to tip even for carryout. Your tip will get divided among the Domino’s staff preparing your order.


I got hit with a 17 piece and then a 25 piece back to back. Just me. Please make it a timed order 😭 I get hit with 20+ pizzas every Friday and it’s usually just me on the inside.

Domino's Pizza for a Large Event

How many people can a medium Domino’s pizza serve?

A medium pizza from Domino’s is perfect for 2-4 people. You can also split the pizza in half and customize each side with different toppings to suit everyone’s tastes.

How many people can a large Domino’s pizza serve?

A large Domino’s pizza is great for feeding a group of 3-5 individuals. Whether you choose Hand Tossed, New York Style, or Crunchy Thin Crust, this 14-inch pizza can satisfy your pizza cravings.

How many people does a Domino’s Extra Large pizza feed?

The X-large New York Style pizza from Domino’s is designed to feed 5-6 hungry individuals. This 16-inch pizza can satisfy even the biggest eaters.

Ordering Domino’s Pizza for a Large Event

If you’re planning to order pizza from Domino’s for your party or large event, you can order ahead through the Domino’s app and be sure to call the store to confirm the details of your order.

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